About Dirt Room

Hidden away in the quiet suburbs of El Cerrito and surrounded by the cascading hills of the San Francisco Bay Area sits Dirt Room, a modern production environment. Within the walls, Bay Area natives and house producers Jonathan Devoto and Justin Alquist help capture the energy and creativity individual to each artist they work with, bringing years of experience as artists and producers, having worked with a diverse list of artists, including HOLYCHILD, Finish Ticket, Brent Walsh, The Matches, Curious Quail, and Jules Leyhe. Eschewing the daunting and overwhelming options of many high-end studio environments, Dirt Room producers have instead opted to set-up within the confines of an East Bay home, providing a warm and welcoming space to cater to the needs of each project, whether it be pre-production, songwriting, rehearsing, recording, video production, mixing, and mastering. In this setting, Devoto and Alquist work collaboratively with artists to help realize the artist's vision. 

With this in mind, Dirt Room is putting out a call-to-arms to the burgeoning Bay Area music scene, looking for artists who are taking control of their creative path and are looking to create a viable and sustainable place within the music scene. 

If you think that is you, contact dirtroomdirtroom@gmail.com



Meet the Producers


Jonathan Devoto is a musician, singer, producer, and instructor from El Cerrito, CA. His music career began as lead guitarist in The Matches (Epitaph Records) where he toured internationally and had the opportunity to work with and learn from producers such as Joe BarresiJohn FeldmanNick HexumMatt RadosevichMike Green, and Mark Hoppus. Currently, he is an established music maker and performer in the San Francisco Bay Area. Jon's main instrument and passion is guitar, but his comfort, ability, and versatility with singing, keyboard, bass, drums and percussion, and dance make him a valuable addition to any creative music project. 

Some of his credits as a producer and mixing engineer include Brent Walsh (Equal Vision Records), Finish Ticket (Atlantic Records), Holychild (Glassnote Records), Curious Quail, and Jules Leyhe. Being highly invested in the artists he chooses to work with, Jonathan brings a hands-on and intensive creative energy to all of the projects he is a part of. 

Jonathan brings a positive energy and strong work ethic to every project he is a part of. He lives to create, record, and perform music, and wouldn’t have it any other way!




Justin Alquist is a well-experienced sound engineer from the Bay Area, CA. He graduated from Ex’pression College for Digital Arts at the top of his class. While at Ex’pression, Justin focused on his skill set and has since worked in almost all areas of sound including in-studio, live sound, and post production in and out of the field. 

Recently, Justin has taken his skills to Dirt Room as main engineer.  Here, he has been focusing his time producing, engineering, mixing and mastering a wide array of projects. He’s worked with many genres including rock, reggae, hip hop, blues, and ambient. Some of the artists he has with are Brent Walsh (Equal Vision Records), Curious Quail, Jules Leyhe, Septacy, Jakey Lee, and Serf & James.  

As a live engineer, Justin has run hundreds of shows at esteemed venues throughout the Napa Valley. He was Front of House Engineer and Monitor Engineer at The Napa Valley Opera House, ran and assisted shows at The Lincoln Theater in Yountville, and now is head of all sound at Silo’s Jazz Club in Napa, Valley. Justin’s live credits include Napa Valley Jazz Getaway, Drew Carey, Pink Martini, Lucky Penny Productions, and The Globe Theater.

Justin has also worked for media production company Noble Rot Productions doing sound production. Some clients include Feast it Forward, Napa Valley Film Festival, and Festival del Sole.